Helpful Tips When Purchasing A Workover Rig For An Oilfield Work Site

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Any time an oil well is in need of completion, a workover rig is needed. These machines are large and extremely powerful. If you're in the market for one for your oilfield work site, keep these tips in mind. 

Make Sure It's Mobile

Chances are you'll be using the workover rig around multiple sites. In this case, you need something that's extremely easy to move. You'll get this when you buy a workover rig with a mobile design.

These rigs are attached to a chassis with a motor and large rubber tires on the bottom, which make the workover rig much easier to transport from area to area. The operator can easily drive the workover rig to the correct area for the day, saving your staff a lot of time and effort. They can then focus on other important tasks around the oilfield site.

Budget Appropriately

Workover rigs are highly useful machines with a lot of moving parts. They thus will cost a substantial amount of money. However, that doesn't mean you should just abandon a budget. Taking this approach could leave you stressed about finances.

Rather, you need to budget appropriately when looking for a workover rig. Assess your finances and see what a realistic figure is. If you come to realize that the budget isn't as large as you like, you can always switch strategies. For instance, you can buy a used workover rig and save a lot of money. 

Test Rig Out in Person

Whether you're buying new or used, it's paramount to try out the workover rig in person. You can then see just how easy it is to operate and also get more familiar with the systems and features it comes with.

Find a workover rig supplier in your area that will let you test out their inventory for as long as you want. Make sure you try out different models so that you can see how they vary. Also make sure your staff is there to test the rigs out too. They can give you helpful opinions and finding something they're comfortable using is important long-term.

There is a lot of important equipment used around oilfield sites, and workover rigs are one of the most important. If you plan on buying one of these large machines, just be sure you weigh your options patiently and find something that you can see working out for a long time. 

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