Six Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Stretch Wrap Material for a Turntable Wrapping Machine

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One of the most important considerations when you are on the market for turntable wrapping equipment is which stretch wrap material you will use. The following are six mistakes to avoid when choosing the right stretch wrap material for a turntable wrapping machine. 

Failing to take the type of wrapping machine into account

Your stretch wrap material should be appropriate for the particular model of turntable wrapping machine you're using. You should look into the manufacturer instructions that go along with your wrapping machine to determine what stretch wrap material products will be appropriate.

In particular, make sure you're using stretch wrap material designed for use with a turntable wrapping machine as opposed to another type such as a rotary arm or orbital wrapper. 

Failing to take the particular application you're using stretch wrap for into consideration

The application you're using stretch wrap for determines the size and weight that you need for your material. A turntable style wrapper with a corresponding stretch wrap material is often best for an application where lightweight and relatively stable loads, such as consumer goods need to be packaged.  It's important to analyze your applications and wrapping options to find the best stretch wrap material solution. 

Choosing a supplier that can't offer a steady supply

If you're using a turntable wrapping machine at your facility, you'll need to be constantly supplied with stretch wrap material to keep your operation running. It's therefore important that you discuss your ongoing supply needs with any supplier you're interested in working with to avoid a potential shortage of materials. 

Choosing a supplier located a long distance away

Bulk quantities of stretch wrap material can be heavy, and therefore they can be expensive to ship. This makes it a good idea to find a supplier located near your facility to minimize shipping costs. 

Buying cheaper wrap material

There are lower-quality stretch wrap materials available on the market that are more prone to tearing. This is especially true when your wrapping application requires you to wrap around sharp corners.

Therefore, you need to invest in high-quality stretch wrap material to make sure that wrap will secure packages adequately and be unlikely to experience breakage. 

Not having the right tension setting for your particular wrap material

When you're choosing your stretch wrap material, make sure you're putting thought into the tension setting you'll use. Your application and machine model should determine what tension setting will maximize the effectiveness of your stretch wrap. You also need to choose a stretch wrap material that is appropriate to use at that particular tension setting. 

For more information about buying turntable wrapping equipment, contact a local company near you.

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